The Official

Visitor Application Form

Complete the application below to register
your interest in visiting Anguilla.

The Official

Application Form

Complete the application below to register
your interest in visiting Anguilla.

The Official

Application Form

Complete the application below to register your interest in visiting Anguilla.

Information for visitors

Please read details carefully.

Anguilla is open to pre-approved visitors.

All travelers to Anguilla including returning residents are required to obtain pre-travel authorization. Persons without travel authorization may be refused entry to Anguilla.

All visitors must complete an individual application (including children).

What you should know before entering Anguilla.

Please read details carefully.


  1. All persons returning to Anguilla are required to provide a negative COVID-19 PCR test conducted within 3-5 days prior to arrival date.
  2. Insurance which covers COVID-19 medical costs and full hospitalization, doctors’ visits, prescriptions and air ambulance.
  3. Complete online passenger information and health screening questionnaire.
  4. All visitors are required to provide proof of insurance which covers COVID-19 medical costs and full hospitalization, doctors’ visits, prescriptions and air ambulance. (Please note that this does not apply to residents of Anguilla)

After receiving this information, documents will be verified and you will be contacted if any additional information is required.

  1. An electronic travel authorization certificate will be issued to your email address if your application was successful.

Traveling to Anguilla:

  1. Persons are urged to adhere to all safety protocols as established by airlines and vessels on your journey to Anguilla.
  2. Persons are expected to take preventive measures to protect themselves and others from infection during travel: washing of hands and/or use of hand sanitizer regularly; avoiding touching common surfaces, avoid touching of face (eyes, mouth and nose) with unwashed hands; maintaining a physical distance of at least three feet/ one metre from others…
  3. The use of mask is required on vessels to Anguilla and in other spaces and areas where persons cannot maintain a physical distance of at least 1 metre/ 3 feet from others.

Arrival to Anguilla:

On arrival to Anguilla you will be required to:
  1. Provide a hardcopy of your negative COVID-19 PCR test result to a port health official.
  2. Undergo a mandatory COVID-19 PCR test and health screening on arrival.
  3. Use masks during transit through ports of entry (airport and seaport) and en route to your pre-approved accommodations.
  4. Be transferred to your accommodations to await test results – this will be prearranged.

Staying in Anguilla:

  1. Remain quarantined at your approved location for at least 10 days.
  2. Undergo regular health monitoring.
  3. Obtain a negative PCR COVID-19 test to be released from quarantine.
  4. The use of rental vehicles is prohibited until after persons are medically cleared by a negative PCR test result at the end of the quarantine period.

Contact Information:

  1. For further information you can call 1(264) 476-7627 or email:

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Passport Details

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Travel Details

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Employment Details

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Health Assessment Details

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* In the past 14 days, have you had contact with anyone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection?

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* Have you attended festival or mass gathering in the past 14 days?

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* Have you or a family member visited or were treated at a hospital in the past 14 days?

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In order to approve your travel to Anguilla, the health authorities require that you get tested for Covid-19 using a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test and upload your test results certificate. The test must be conducted within 3-5 days of your intended date of travel. Tests older than 5 days are not acceptable. Please note that the certificate must contain at least the following:

  • Name of individual tested
  • Date of birth
  • Name of testing laboratory
  • Date of test
  • Type of test (RT-PCR test)
  • Test result

* Do you have a valid insurance policy which covers COVID-19?

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Please note that in order to approve your travel to Anguilla, a valid insurance policy that covers covid-19 is required at least 3-5 days prior to travel.

Accommodation Details while in Anguilla

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General Consent

I confirm that I willingly provide information and data contained in this form for public health reasons in accordance with applicable local laws and I consent to its use. I confirm that as a result of providing such information or data, I shall indemnify, hold harmless and defend the Government, its public officers, employees or other representatives from and against all actions, claims, demands, loss or expense (including legal expenses) arising from use of the information or data. I declare that I shall follow all instructions and laws related to public health matters, including completing tests and quarantine, at my cost and expense, as required. I understand that the Chief Medical Officer may, request any person to provide information as deemed necessary to assess what precautions should be taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and that I shall provide that information if requested. I confirm that I have not tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days. I declare that the information or data given on this form is accurate and complete. I acknowledge that if I have not declared information and data on this form accurately and completely, I may have committed an offence under the Quarantine Act and I may be subject to a fine of up to $EC $38,400 or to a term of imprisonment of 6 months or to both.

I hereby declare that I, or my dependant(s) shall not accept any employment from or offer any services to a citizen, permanent resident, immigrant, work permit holder or any person or entity carrying on business in Anguilla.

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